Wednesday, June 13, 2012



Big Grey Rock was just not catchy so the City Council settled on Myst, coined from the thick fog that covers the city sometimes. Fog City was taken.


  • World requires World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations and Pets.
  • No store content was used. But If I mistakenly used one, it will replaced by some other object in your game. You might get a Missing object warning when you load the world if I did use a store content. Don't worry about it.
  • Patch 1.33 was used to build this world.
  • Riverview is also required. Just in case.


World size is Large.

  1. Commercial Lots - 54
  2. Residential Lots - 43. Occupied - 26; Empty - 15; Blank - 2


  1. There are 22 Families created by me, some of which were played by me. It's in a seperate save file. 
  2. Look inside family inventory or sim inventory for personal effects like awards, photos, plants and seeds and lifetime awards.
  3. Some photographs may be blank since I deleted the Traveldb file to make the save game file smaller

KNOWN ISSUES (with population save file)

1. Stary Community School has a basement gym which may not be visible because of the rabbithole over it.


  • Go to Options and enter Edit Town mode
  • Select the School and enter Build/Buy Mode
  • Click on school building and delete it. Then immediately click the undo button to replace the school.  This will make the gym underneath visible.
  • Return back to game and save. You only need to do this once.

2. The Hospital Rabbithole may look blue and flashy in some games. If it does, apply the same fix as you did for the school.

3. There are 3 game generated families, Nair, Wiles and McNally. Not really an issue but I thought I'd mention it


  1. Download World file 4SHARED or MEDIAFIRE or BOX
  2. Unzip with WINRAR. It's a sims3pack file so you just double-click to install.
  3. Download Population file 4SHARED or MEDIAFIRE or BOX
  4. Unzip with WINRAR. Copy and paste the folder MYST TOWN.SIMS3 into your saves folder located C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Saves
  5. Load game. The myst game will show as a blank blue icon, that is there is no family picture.
  6. The game starts in Edit Game mode, so just click "Return to Game Setup" and PLAY!
Get Updated Version Here. Thanks


  1. I love the work you put into this ! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Please, how you created the river on a hill?

    1. Hey girls, thanks so much. Visty6, I will write out the tutorials on the weekend.

    2. Hi, Visty I thought just give you a quick explanation on how to make the river on the hill.
      1. You create a Hill/ Mountain

      2. Use Flatten terrain brush to create the area where the river will be. As in Myst I make 5 apots

      3. Place community lots on all the areas you want the rivers

      4. Then in Edit in game mode or if you choose the load the world into the game first, Click each lot and enter build mode. In Build mode, just create a river and decorate.

      5. So that's it. They are really just different lots placed on a hill, then I use the waterfall to give them that connected look.

  3. I guess this is inspired after the first Myst, famous adventuregame developed by Cyan.
    I think it's also the easiest one to create. J'nanin, the training age in Myst III: Exile, would be much more difficult. I play Myst myself sometimes.

  4. One question, which i forgot to post. Does this contain any CC?
    Cause last time when i downloaded a world it contained some CC and i don't like that.

    1. hi, it's just a coincidence actually. This particular Myst really did just pop out of my head after many, many, many tries :D. As for the name I was going to call it Aliento de los dioses, then later Mystery Isles, then it finally became Myst!

      Oh, and No custom content, but a custom hairdo could have sneaked in along with one of those EA spawned characters. That would simply get replaced in your game.

  5. Well, you're gold :) I love the instructions for CAW

  6. i can't download :( file is out of bandwidth

    1. Yeah...didn't see that coming... moving files to a new host. Will be up and running in a bit.

  7. Download link has been updated sorry for the inconvenience

  8. this link isn't working and will not load on my game.

    1. Which link exactly? the download link? it opens a page on where you can download the file.

  9. I love the night shot with the ocean surf, it is beautiful.

  10. I tried to play this but I got the missing objects warning. Then I played a bit and it crashed. Also there are no houses with pets items as far as I can see so story progression will not add pets to families.

  11. Hi, sorry to hear that. I can tell you the only missing items might be Hair from the store or some other free store item that I forgot to remove. I don't use mods when saving files for uploads. So that shouldn't crash your game, I hope.

    As for the pets issue. Pets are added to household normally in my game, I haven't had that problem. Even the Renauld family which has 8 sims got 2 cats. Maybe you need to play it a little longer for story progression to do it's thing.

    I am working on an update to work out the kinks just the same and hopefully it will have less issues. So far I haven't had any complaints concerning technical issues.

    I personally have crashing issues if I have Nraas Porter and Overwatch installed at the same time. So it might be a conflict of something. You never know with sims.

  12. Krrank, last night I downloaded/installed this. I'd been looking to play this for a long time, but when I got in... I had major issues with it. I can easily tell the lots mostly were done in Edit Mode, when you could of done them in World Editor. I have OCD, it's actually becoming common, and when I see non-capitalized things that are a MUST for capitalization, it irks me so much... I decided to try and fix it myself, but I noticed half the city was non-capitalized. Also, the map is also a really big issue with how you uploaded it... Why can't you simply just have CREATE THE SIMS IN THE EDITOR, and upload it to the exchange? he map is beautiful overall, but behind the curtains it is massively under-built. Look at say, Bridgeport, and it has none of these 'small park' labeled lots, and really when I downloaded this I expected CUSTOM buildings, not re-used stock buildings. The houses are custom as far as I know, but not the rabbit-holes and community buildings like the Gym. Please, please make a Myst 2 or something, make it fixed. The map IS playable, but not for me.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Well First of all, I am working on correcting the major issues like terrain bugs and fixing the population file. But I personally have NO interest in Custom community lots or rabbit holes, at least not where I don't feel they are necessary. I am more interested in the world itself. Myst was primarily created as an example of making a simple world with CAW since I write a HOW TO BLOG on CAW.

      Maybe MYST is just not for you. I have my methods of building and uploading and I know this might not appeal to everyone. Thank you for taking the trouble, but I suspect you will not be pleased with the updated version either when I release it.

      I would recommend some other more detailed worlds out there. My goal is to build for fun. I am not out to compete with EA. Once again thank you for your time and observations.

    2. Thanks for replying, I know it can be tough to make Rabbit-holes, but my issue is I can't ever find good maps like this on the Exchange. It's always either empty or awful messes. I really like the map terrain though, and honestly, you're a pretty good builder of terrains. Just needs tweaking to be a map I like.

      Thanks Krrank!