Sunday, August 26, 2012


Big Grey Rock was just not catchy so the City Council settled on Myst, coined from the thick fog that covers the city sometimes. Fog City was taken.

  • World requires World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations and Pets.
  • No store content was used. But If I mistakenly used one, it will replaced by some other object in your game. You might get a Missing object warning when you load the world if I did use a store content. Don't worry about it.
  • Patch 1.36 was used to build this world.
  • Riverview is also required. Just in case.

Updates on World file

1. Floating Trees by the Beach Fixed
2. Ocean waves moved and realigned
3. Beach slope resculpted
4. Fish spawners moved
5. Deleted the 2 traffic signals 
6. Camera Routing Fixed. Will no longer drift infinitely
7. Concrete Bridge by waterfall fixed
8. All Streetlights moved and realigned
9. Market Road Park changed re-designated as Big Park
10. Children Romp Park re-designated as Small Park
11. The 3 small parks are now properly labeled
12. Deleted one army base
13. Deleted one school
14. Deleted one Police station
15. Changed Hospital rabbit hole
16. Changed empty lot on Casa Island to a residential lot
17. Resculpted & re-routed decorative Tourist/digsite
18. Odd bump in the road by Aquarius bar fixed
19. Renamed fishing spot on the top of mountain
20. Added a new fishing spot to Casa Island
21. Added wooden sign pointing to Light house
22. Little decorative parks by the stadium no longer have map tags

Updates on Saved File

23. All Sims will now start in front of their homes at 8.04am Sunday
24. Sims with books or paintings and so on now have them in their Personal inventory
25. Ages of certain sims adjusted to balance out the age groups in the town
26. Flavour texts adjusted to fit sims life stories
27. No more EA generated families
28.   Pregnancies have been adjusted


1. If you DO NOT already have Myst, then scroll down to the Download section.
2. If you HAVE the original Myst, then note the following BEFORE you decide to download
  • The two worlds cannot work together. You must use ONLY ONE at a time
  • Your saved file from the original Myst will NOT work with this update
  • The Updated Save file only works with the Updated World file.
  • If you decide to download this update, save your families to the FAMILY BIN first, BEFORE you uninstall the old MYST. This would mean starting a new game…sorry.
  • The old saves will not work with the Updated Myst, but you can keep them just in case you want to go back to the old Myst world.
  • To preserve your saved games that you made with the OLD myst, Backup your SAVES folder either by renaming it, or copying it to your desktop. You must do this BEFORE removing the old myst, otherwise it will delete the save files played on myst.

3. Finally if you have decided to update, uninstall the old myst first, then install the new one. Simple
4. Sorry for the inconvenience.


World size is Large.
  1. Commercial Lots - 53
  2. Residential Lots - 44. Occupied - 26; Empty - 15; Blank - 3

  • There are 22 Families created by me, some of which were played by me. It's in a seperate save file. 
  • Look inside family inventory or sim inventory for personal effects like awards, photos, plants and seeds and lifetime awards.
  • Some photographs may be blank since I deleted the Traveldb file to make the save game file smaller

KNOWN ISSUES (with population save file)

Stary Community School has a basement gym which may not be visible because of the rabbithole over it.

  • Go to Options and enter Edit Town mode
  • Select the School and enter Build/Buy Mode
  • Click on school building and delete it. Then immediately click the undo button to replace the school.  This will make the gym underneath visible.
  • Return back to game and save. You only need to do this once.

  1. Download World file -  BOX or GOOGLE (for Google go to File-->>Download)
  2. Unzip with WINRAR. It's a sims3pack file so you just double-click to install.
  3. Download Population file - BOX or GOOGLE  (for Google go to File-->>Download)
  4. Unzip with WINRAR. Copy and paste the folder MYST POPULATION.SIMS3 into your saves folder located C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Saves
  5. Load game. The Myst game will show as a blank blue icon, since there is no family picture.
  6. The game starts in Edit Game mode, so just click "Return to Game Setup" and PLAY!
Get the original Myst here if you so desire. Thanks.


  1. It looks like a cute little world I could enjoy playing ! But I don't have Ambitions, so I can forget it :'(
    It's a nice work even though ^^

    1. Thanks for visiting! You can actually download it, all ambition content will simply not be there. In this case, that would be the junkyard, consignment store and stylist and laundromat buildings. I personally have played worlds that I didn't have all the EPs. Just imagine you uninstalled one of your EPs, your game will still work fine, you will just lose some content.

  2. How awesome!!! I can't wait to play with it! Thank you!

    1. Thank you Tiffany for trying it out. Feedback is always welcome.

  3. Will you add Supernatural stuff?

    1. hi Lolman,
      I don't think so. I'm not planning to get Supernatural. Plus I'm done with Myst except to correct errors.

  4. Can you make a tutorial on how to populate a custom world?

    1. HI,
      Well it depends on what you mean exactly. CAW does not provide for adding sims into the world. The simplest way is to load a new game, put in all your families, save the game and share the the saved game file...this I can explain in detail. The other method is rather technical.

      So let me know what you would like..

  5. I downloaded it but the world didn't show up? (Yes I installed it on my game by moving it to downloads and installing it)

  6. If you don't download population it wont work right?

  7. I downloaded population and it didn't work

    1. Hi Anonymous. I assume all three questions are from the same person? First, the world can be downloaded and used on its own, but the savefile will only work if you download the world first.
      Secondly, have you tried installing any other world just to test, because it might be a launcher issue. I don't know how to install worlds manually without the launcher but am sure there is a tutorial on how to do that online.

  8. Hi :) I was looking for something like that for a while... Until I create my own world, I would like to play in Myst, cause it's awesome, but I experience glitches in it. So far it's just not being able to buy a drink in a dive bar (when I sit on a stool I suddenly appear next to the bar standing) and same "suddenly standing up" glitch in one of the parks. And also, in one of the bars (the one that's next to the Aquarius) the mixologist doesn't do her job, she keeps dancing with policemen, walking around and stuff, and only comes to the bar when Jasper argued with her. I don't know why I'm telling you this, maybe you will tell me how to fix this? That would be awesome, cause this world is really something fresh. BTW, I love love LOOOVE the Old man Jasper and his lighthouse <3

    1. Hellooo!
      First of all, thanks so much for downloading, glad you like it. And Old man Jasper is one of those secret gems I hoped players would find interesting. Think gold-digger.
      Now about the glitches. I get those even in the EA worlds too, so I don't know what causes it. I usually just delete the bar and replace it to solve the problem. I hope this helps.

  9. This is lovely! Any chance of updating for Island Paradise? Dive Lots might fit in here really well...

    1. hi hi. Thank you! no, I don't play Sims 3 at the moment, so no updates for now.